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    DID what you told me too

    Rank my video.

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    Re: Rank me

    You might want to share your video then.

    Upload your .gif files to www.yourimg.in, copy the link, paste it in here.

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    Re: Hi im new to dark demon.

    Good for a beginner Just practice,practice,practice and read up on some tutorials (I suggest Darren's tutorial) You'll be intermediate before you know it!
    My thread Is Here

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    Re: Hi im new to dark demon.

    Hello and welcome to Dark Demon! As for your animation it is pretty stiff. You should try to move all joints(body parts) in each frame. I'm not very good, so I can't really give out a very good ranking, but I think your a low-beginner. Don't worry, just go check out Darren's Tutorial in the Pivot tutorial section. It should teach you a lot of the basics. Anyway, good luck and check out that tutorial. Once your done that you do that make sure to go to the master list and check out other tutorial's. You'll be intermediate in no time just keep praticing, and give courtesy if you can(if someone comments on your thread, go to their thread and comment on there's, the link is usually in there signature).

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    Re: Hi im new to dark demon.

    Yup, it's kinda good for a first. Though, work on the basics-Easing, physics, and stiffness. It's also a little choppy. You can find Darren's pivot tutorial for beginners by clicking This.
    Overall rank: Low beginner. Keep it up though, and keep practicing.
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