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    timmytam1s animations in progress....

    these are the animations that i have been working on there will be more soon....

    joint wif PivBlast:http://yourimg.in/f/53p00w.gif

    ichigo vs grimmjow :http://yourimg.in/f/6l1ugx.gif

    random piv i dnt think ill finish it tho:http://yourimg.in/f/7f8f53.gif
    pivot pupil/timmy

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    Re: timmytam1s animations in progress....

    Hey dude!
    didn't know you had a DD

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    Re: timmytam1s animations in progress....

    Med - beg. I like your last animation, try easing it out and you will be high beg! There's not much to say on your first animations, only that they are choppy, everything else was good, work on your easing. Oh! And physics.


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