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    Warrior ani´s thread

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    Re: Warrior ani´s thread

    Sorry but your animations are all "stiff and shaky"...
    as a beginner you should work on smoothness mainly..and do something about your footplacement..
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    Re: Warrior ani´s thread

    Your animations are stiff and foot placement is off. Your spacing isn't good and the reaction and blood need work. I'd look up some tutorials in the tutorial section to help you.

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    Re: Warrior ani´s thread

    You seem to know what poses to put the figures in. All you need to do is work on the spacing and the easing to make it appear more smooth. I thought that the blood was pretty good. And the bullets to. But remember that bullets go very fast, so a good way to show the guy being shot is to a have a thin line going from the gun to the person and only being there for one frame and then make it thinner and the a bit further away from the gun but still in the same place. Animate blood coming out from where the bullet penetrated him and from where it entered him, it makes the reaction appear better. Foot placement is another problem, try and keep the feet in the same place unless they are supposed to be moved, this makes the animation much less shaky. Even if you just focus on the foot placement your animations will appear surprisingly better.
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