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Thread: Hey FF500..

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    Hey FF500..

    Do you have a fight tutorial? You are like one of the best animators I know,and just your running tutorial made me 10 times better.

    PS. If there is a seperate section for posting requests,then sorry. I just came to darkdemon yesterday.
    You all suck.

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    Up the creek without a job. :(
    Welcome to DarkDemon . Beginners Hall is where everybody start's their first thread and , put's their animations in it . I wouldn't make a whole new thread just asking him this . That's for a PM . Anyway , welcome to DD and , read the rules !
    Thanks for the avatar/Signature, Ober.

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    this should be moved but anyways welcome to dd and read the rules and you might just wanta pm ff like bloodybuddy said ok. )

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    Yes, why did you post that here? Its not like Frozen Fire will see it. Post this in his thread or something. Or check tutorials section.


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