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    Solar's Newb Animations.

    Hi guys, i havent animated in 2 years and i used to be a member here (cant remember my username) so i decided to try to shake the mountains of rust off but to my surprise there is still much rust.

    C&C Pwease.
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    Re: Solar's Newb Animations.

    It is a very short animation with hardly any movements. However:

    I'm unsure of how good you were before you left, but that animation didn't look to good at all. You need to work on the foot placement of the stickman. When he landed it looked over eased and in some parts possibly double framed. The main issue I saw, was the movements, the animation didn't really flow much and the movements were greatly spaced, you should try and move every node, in every frame, unless it is part of it where you don't move it. I hope you shake off the rust and work your way to intermediates.

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