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    Kicking Ball Test


    For now, I only practice with tests, and this is my second test, It takes me 30 minutes, and is the most smooth animation I made (That I think), But I don't rank me, YOU rank me, and anyway, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE ANIMATION?

    I thank all the comments and suggestions, Merry Christmas!
    Hi guys, I'm Spanish, if you were wondering. I speak some English, and am trying to learn more. Please try to use simple words and lay off on the terms like "stiff" and "easing", as without that in-depth a knowledge of the language, you'll probably lose me! Thanks! (written by Krustalien, by the way)

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    Re: Kicking Ball Test

    The animation is very shaky, meaning that the stickman shakes during or after movement, the movement being the kick. Also, the kick lacked power enough power to make the ball move as fast as it did. For now, I say Med Beginner.

    But as you said the animation is very smooth. Happy holidays.


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