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    Hazza's Thread ( preview anim )

    well i only got one animation in here, and its a preview :S but i have only a freestyle thread. so i wanted to make a thread where i can be ranked

    heres the preview of my next animation

    the " EEEEEEEE " part is him being scared and it got rid of the magic guy lol...

    there will be backgrounds added this is still very unfinished :P but for me to keep being active i though to post it....

    i need loads of CC :3
    ill return CC to those who give good and helpful CC

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    Re: Hazza's Thread ( preview anim )

    Pretty smooth movements and extremy starnge ideas.
    But believe me that's good.
    Hard to say anything more from such a short clip.
    I say you'r around high beg?
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