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    My first animation

    This is my First animation. It's a punch & jump kick test. please comment.

    If you want to see All of my Animations they will Be on Photobucket.
    http://s299.photobucket.com/albums/mm28 ... nimations/

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    Re: My first animation

    Hey there

    You're new, but that animation wasn't that bad. I liked it, the hits showed power, and you can define the movements. But that doesn't mean there aren't parts that need work. First of all, you should learn easing. It's the process of starting out a movement slowly, speeding it up to full power, then slowing it down when it's over. You can learn more about it here. Also, try using build-up. This is the process of 'charging' a certain movement. For example, when you jump, you usually crouch down a bit to power that jump. The same goes for most movements, crouch your figure down in most cases before he goes into the air. But most importantly, follow easing.

    Good luck,

    Gabe ;D
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    Re: My first animation

    That's pretty good for a first

    The movements looked shaky and messy. Try keeping the sticks arms and legs moving with the onion skin. Also on the first punch, don't end the punch movement so fast, try easing it out first for 2-4 frames, that way it will make it look smoother and less stop n go.


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