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Thread: My anims.

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    Re: I'm New!

    Hey, welcome to DarkDemon,

    I have to say, that animation wasn't that bad. I liked that it had decent foot placement, and it had some easing in it. But there were also some bad parts. For example, it's very stop and go. What I mean, is that the guy stops, then goes. Stops, then goes. Try deleting a few frames where he stops, or keep him moving continually across the animation.

    Keep the work up, low-medium beginner,

    Gabe ;D
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    Re: I'm New!

    thats really nice just needs a bit more flow and easing
    welcome to DD
    hope yoou enjoy it here.

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    Re: I'm New!

    your animations are not bad bro, just keep the practice :P


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