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    Animations from Begginer. (Help?)

    Ill try to make animations as smooth as I can.
    After making an animation I scan through frames and edit.

    Please give me critical help on how I can improve.

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    Re: Animations from Begginer. (Help?)

    I would just follow like the rest of these sheep and tell you to work on easing and smoothness and stiffness and what ever but i personal think its a load of BS rules they made up to animating.
    Ok bigger movements and make it flow, it jittery, do you see?

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    Re: Animations from Begginer. (Help?)

    Erm.... It's extremely stiff, shaky, and one of it's foot/legs go under the floor. Check out Darren's tutorial, so you know how to ease, and make motions smoother.


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