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    upcoming Elemental Battle


    if theres already a animation here with elemeantal or even related type animations plz tell me

    i just registered

    p.s.watch the whole thing till the end.....if u dont u wont see the real date

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    Er wow. Like. Not even close to the right forum. . .

    *moved. . .

    Okay first off - default sticks suck. And please practice some before you try to make a long anim.

    Also - why are you posting this if the release date isn't for a year and a half? Wtf? That's really pointless.

    Third - please never use megaupload .com again. savefile.com, myfilelink.co.uk, anything but megaupload.

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    I have to agree with Smashdude on this one . That is really pointless to show us a animation that isn't going to be out for a hella long time . I would say read some tutorials and , the likes . Just keep practicing !
    Thanks for the avatar/Signature, Ober.

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