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    FatMoogan noob ezcheeser joint anis

    THEBEGIINNING WAS Fatmoogan. the midlle was mine (noob) i was was rushing so it is short in the middle and it sucks in the middle. the end EZCheeser is good.
    ranking fom each of us was Fat=crap Noob=decent for a noob and EZ=awseum
    Here It IS http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/1364 ... cmekh1.gif
    thk bert for some of the sticks and the person who made the drop ship that i used

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    don't post a thread here without any anims and when you have the anim plz update the thread with it and plz read the rules thx.


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    This is not PA. Only one animation topic per person.



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