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    Project 31 is here!

    Well, project 31 is made. In the next edit i will have the link with the gif!
    Total frames:406! oh ma gawd! )

    Keep patient


    Credits to the people who made the sticks =D

    Note: The beginning text

    This is not a story about happyness
    This is not a story about zombies.
    This is not a story about people on space,
    This is a story, and its name is...

    PROJECT 31.

    The ending text, Well, that'll spoil it , But if you really want to know, Add me on msn.

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    Okay. . . getting tired of this already. Anims go in Beginners hall. Not pivot chat. Please think before you post and make sure you're at least putting it in the right place. . .


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    It's choppy and could use some major work. Make sure you move every part of the guy's body when you move him. Not just keep his body still and move it over a bit. And the blood is horrible, I suggest you don't attempt blood yet until you are more experienced.
    Keepa t it and practice you'll get better.

    Animations - Do not Click Me - And Me Neither
    You have good sight, or good ctrl+c, ctrl+v skills. Also your computer might be set to %500 magnification.


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