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    hello i want to know my ranking

    hello i want to know my ranking
    Low Beg?
    Med Beg?
    High Beg?

    Grax Chao Bey.

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    Re: hello i want to know my ranking

    Hmm, okay well I would say your rank is about med beg.
    I see you understand what effects to use and such for swift movements, and the trails for his legs are pretty cool. You might want to consider only easing when the person/object is coming to a complete stop, because the way you eased it made the animation look stop-and-go. Just remove some of the frames that eased it to the stop and maybe add in a few to make it flow more and it would look nice.
    Also remember to move every joint-red dot-in every frame, so it doesn't look stiff. Even a LITTLE BIT counts. One more thing, is there a reason the swords tip area disappears when he turns around, or is it supposed to be in the ground? If it was, then maybe add some effect to show that more clearly :P
    I'd like to see more from you, looks like you have some good ideas in there.
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    fuck you.

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    Re: hello i want to know my ranking

    The effects of speed are nice, just try to make it flow more, as when he turns he just flips suddenly, try to use more spacing and easing. But great start - Med Beg.

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    Re: hello i want to know my ranking

    Low begginer, it has lots of stiffness, a bit shaky and the easing weren't so perfect, doesn't have much effex and it looked kinda weird but idk why.
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