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Thread: My thread Kuro

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    My thread Kuro

    Caballo Tests = Horse Tests

    Golpe Duro xD.

    Run Test

    New Ani

    New New New!
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    Re: My thread Kuro

    not bad try easing and choppyness on that run test
    med beg


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    Re: My thread Kuro

    Looking really good, I can tell you're pretty new at pivot, and at this point I'd recommend you keep making test animations. Test your walking, running, punches, etc., in order to get the hang of the different movement before you try implementing them into longer animations.

    Make sure to ease in and out of your movements. Start your movements with very small movements and gradually increase the movement over the course of about 2 to 3 frames, depending what you feel is best. Once you've eased in, keep the spacing throughout the move constant until you wish the object to stop, then you cut the movement in half over a couple more frames before coming to a complete stop. I know I'm not the best at explaining, but there's the tutorial section if you need clarification.

    Anyway, good job, and keep up the good work!
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