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    Rabbidhare's thread


    Play Ball!

    Short scuffle

    Please post, and comment. Everything is in order of oldest to newest. Oh, and please crit on even an old animation if you notice something that you think could be helpful.

    I was told by someone on another forum that I have a style similar to Vagic, just not as good. Hopefully that is a compliment!

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    Re: Rabbidhare's thread

    Those were some cool moves, but the combos were too slow. In a combo the stickfigure uses the momentum of previous moves to build up more power for the next hit, so try to move it along faster than that and it will look better. Anyway, here's a tip for the shakiness. Each joint has a place it's going, right? But if the joint switches its path all of a sudden and then it goes back again, it will look shaky. So try to keep your joints flowing with each other and on course and you will be fine. And of course, remember to move every joint every frame! Courtesy?*

    *courtesy means when someone gives you constructive criticism (CC) you give them CC back. Click the link below for my thread if you want to return courtesy.
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    Re: Rabbidhare's thread

    thats very good!


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    Re: Rabbidhare's thread

    nice , maybe try making it a little bit faster ? :P


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