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    Hallasumes pivots. Rank + CC please?

    Ok, these are some Animations i have recently made. Give CC please

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    Re: Hallasumes pivots. Rank + CC please?

    ranking you maybe med begginer?

    You HAVE to move every joint in every frame to make it look realistic. and also, when making someone crash to the ground, you have to make his body look like a it got mutilated. don't leave the body hanging in the air. but keep going you're pretty good.

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    Re: Hallasumes pivots. Rank + CC please?

    Alright, here's some CC. You are not moving your joints enough. There are quite a bit of joints in a stickfigure, so you need to take advantage of that. The figures are extremely stiff, so make sure you move every joint every frame unless the figure is standing still. That's all the tips I can really give you for now because there are not much movements included in your animations. But check out this tutorial; viewtopic.php?f=36&t=22662 It should help you improve your skills.

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