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Thread: What am I?

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    What am I?

    People keep telling me "FIX THE SHAKINESS", The shakiness is Wu FREAKING out, since Bert is holding him hes being shooken to. I think I need to work on my foot placement though. (THIS IS OLD BUT I HAVE NO RECENT)

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    Re: What am I?

    Low beg but thats only because you need to work on your easing. your animations will go nowhere without being smooth. i would advise taking a look at the tutorial section. courtesy?
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    Re: What am I?

    I agree with the comment above and you should also make more animations to show a variety of skills!
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    Re: What am I?

    mmhmm ... i think that .. you can't be ranked if it's old stuff, make news :3 ... and meanwhile, search for some tuts in the tutorials section :P, i think Darren's tut would be so helpfull to you

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    Re: What am I?

    Yes low beg
    Without easing, animations will be terrible! Look at tutorials and it will help alot. And really dont focust on having cool stks and stuff because that not what people are looking for.
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    Re: What am I?

    if its old then dont even share it, unless you want to really now

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    Re: What am I?

    ehh, this is ok. easing and spacing. tests, and tests, that's how you get better. also check darren's tut. u have probably heard that before, but it really does help
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