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    Oui Lee's thread, I think.

    This is just some short shit I'm making since I'm really, really rusty.

    This is really rusty, so I made a new one, I used to be better in the past though...

    Tell me what I should do better at, and when you do it, I'll edit it.
    These are flow tests that I did with one of the hands of them, to out rust my flow.

    Me failing at writing Oui...

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    Re: Oui Lee's thread, I think.

    good animations but you should work on moving the hand in sequence with the rest of the arm so that it isn't flapping randomly! Your easing is quite good though! And to make it more realistic add a floor and his other arm!
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    Re: Oui Lee's thread, I think.

    Its called tracing ninja, its called tracing. go read some tutorials on it.

    Excellent use of trailing! i can see that your a great animator but i don't really have much to go on. try using your fluidity techniques in an animation courtesy?


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    Re: Oui Lee's thread, I think.

    that is the basic of smoothnes, but the framerate seems to be to low, and the arm is to shaky..
    Maybe look at this.
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