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    yo my first posted here lol i kinda suk so enjoy

    ya lol can u watch my anis and plz rate

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    Other commenters will tell you to use tutorials and to work on this and that, so I'll ask something different. Why does the blood stay on in the air?

    lol posted at 2:49 am D:

    Ultimate Flash Tutorial
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy
    Quote Originally Posted by ddd9824
    It wont end like that! read the bible
    And it wont end like that either. Read a brief history of time.

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    ham, don't you mean why?

    Nice story. I like how you made this small war scene. Yeah, as usual, look at some tuts. But I enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoy watching a 1337's work.


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    Joe and his poop were making to school when a red shit suddenly appeared in front of them. It ran up his leg and climbed into his pocket. The crappy creature poked its head out and looked around slowly. The people wished at the sight in amazement. Few had ever seen a bear trying to jog in someone's pocket before.[/quote]


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