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Thread: my madness move

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    my madness move

    :_) how do u add ur ani here[/url]

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    ok... should be moved since its a question..

    Anyways, create the animation and save it as a .gif. do this by using the dropbox at the bottom of the window when you save teh animation. click on it and select .gif. UNCHECK the MERGE box, set the frame size to 50% (or 1/2 size) and set the speed to 4-8/100. easy enough right? Then go to (these are the most popular) http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.filenuke.com and host your animation. Once this is done, find the link that brings you ONLY TO THE IMAGE!! i know on imageshack it is the last link in the boxes. Copy this link, and paste it here. Then we will rate your animation!

    Thats how to do it! hoped i helped!

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