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    .::Lukeaxx Corner::. *Will happily give courtesy*


    Hi There... This is my little Lukeaxx corner, where courtesy is always given. This is a remake of my topic (tried to keep it exact) last updated December 2007! That was a long time ago... and needless to say my Pivot skills after 4 years of not even touching the software, are pretty much that of a person who has never touched the software before. So consider me a newcomer :')
    I started doing it again yesterday, at about 11:00AM, it is now 14:13 the next day and besides a few hours sleep, I have done nothing but mess around with Pivot, all the old memories and fun completely restored !
    As before, I am just going to do tests and shape up my skills before doing any kind of real lengthy animation.
    Thankyou for reading!



    Well nothing much to put besides I'm back and I'm planning on staying once more.


    Newest Animations

    Well a baby must take his first steps, and this is it, my first animation, involving a choppy, stiff few sliding steps and two punches... I don't think it's too bad due to me feeling like a complete newcomer again, just need to work a bit of easing, stiffness and foot placement



    First Animation



    A place will will probably left alone for the first few weeks, full length animations here


    ~ Credz to those whos sticks I am using, I found them on my old PC kept for spare parts, so I have no idea exactly where they have come from, but I do know they probably came from the website Droidz, if you know the name of the person who made the sticks I'm using, please tell me so I credit properly.

    Will be updated Soon.
    Returning from a break of over 4 years...!
    Courtesy? Click here.

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    Re: .::Lukeaxx Corner::. *Will happily give courtesy*

    It is very choppy, so easing is needed I guess, but the punches themselves, though they are without easing, are okay.
    Also, the backbone. You should move it more.


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