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    Re: thread rank me! please

    Your poses are pretty akward to me. Like in your run, his back arm would be straighter be the middle of the switch. He's also a bit stiff. Try working on that. Oh and try a floor to more of your animations. It makes it seem really unrealistic when they just float like that. Or put the stickfigures at the bottom of the stage (Where the figures are). Other that that, you have a very unique style. Hold on to that.

    Coutesy? (You post on my thread couse I posted on yours.).

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    Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from... :)
    Great articles; Nice a site?

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    Re: thread rank me! please

    You're good, but you're lacking ease and fluid movements. I see potential in you.
    Test out easing more and not moving all the joints fast from the start. Ex: Start moving an arm a little then the next frame, move it x2 as much, then x4, x6... When you want your stick to come to a stop, move the arm x3 less, x2 less then x1 less. This way the animation will look less choppy. Hey, do you mind checking out my thread? Just click 'Here' in my signature.
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