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Thread: my first thread

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    1 Post Lurker
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    Jul 2011

    my first thread

    im figure
    here are my animations

    Running Loop on Grass
    Preview of an animation?


    why am i a low beginner

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    Junior Member Demise's Avatar
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    Jul 2011

    Re: my first thread

    On the gun fire, you should try layering two sticks to create a feeling of 2D scroller X 3D character. Also, you should have the stick firing the gun return to his normal stance, or els its just kind of like a stick figure with OCD that has to freeze when he shoots his gun.
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    Oct 2008

    Re: my first thread

    I merged your posts. You double posted, which is against the rules. In the future simply edit your first post.


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    Dec 2008

    Re: my first thread

    You need to work on your poses and stuff. Your backgrounds and stuff aren't that bad, and I'm impressed by the detail you had in the grass moving in the running loop, but the movements in your run need improving. It looks a bit.. heavy spaced.

    Also, people don't lift their legs that high in real life, ya know. So yeah, try and make the positions of your figure on each of the frames look natural and somewhat realistic

    Low-Med beginner... only because of your backgrounds though, movements need more work
    (Sorry for the short post, I don't have much time atm)


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