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    Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    [center:1we82fao]Hazzstertron's Thread!!!!!!!![/center:1we82fao]

    [center:1we82fao]I am not new to pivot, i have been animating a while now but i had a big break and got really rusty, now im just getting rid of that rust

    will return courtesy when given good CC XD

    Some unfinished animation ( will try to finish tho... )

    Credits: Cressel.

    These animations im animating without editing a single frame. I herd its a great way to improve xD ( im aiming at like 25-30 animations... )

    (yeh my sig thing is Hazza, but hazza was already taken :O)

    again. didnt edit a single frame, thats why its shakey -.-

    heres probably my most favourite animation, i never got any comments on it tho ( not here, other forums.. ) i got no CC, nothing... so im hoping to get some on it here xD

    yes, its short... but i love it XD
    credits to crono.

    so, whats my rank? and i need to know what to improve on.[/center:1we82fao]

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    Re: Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    Wow those are really good bro I like your style and the movements were good. Id say high beginner ^_^ Sooooo close to intermediates just do sumthin longer. Dont give courtesy just yet because i have to update my thread
    [center:2qdvq9tr]"Girls are like poker partners... If they're no good, you better have a good hand ;D "[/center:2qdvq9tr]
    [center:2qdvq9tr]My thread[/center:2qdvq9tr]

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    Re: Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    Wow! Very nice! Good effect's (Your?). Nice moves. I rank you... hmm... low, med intermediate.

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    Re: Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzstertron

    Your movements is great, the easing is close to perfect and they sure are smooth! Love your animations :P
    1 thing: On the newest one the eyes where dark green, then light green - dark green and then light green again. I understand it's just an effect and the animation is'nt done yet, i just didn't see why the eyes changed colour like that. lol.

    Intermediate for sure, but if your'e not there yet make a nice intermediate attemp

    A little bit courtesy please? I need help from a pro like you :P

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    Re: Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    I'd say just make a longer animation and you could be intermediate. but for now, superduper high beginner!

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    Re: Hazzstertrons thread xD ( rank? )

    Hi hazza ^_^



    Just kidding, I'll just copy and paste my cc from animatorx lmao

    oops, nevermind, it's old CC

    Ok, so I'll just CC the first one.
    Great movements, but it looks like when he jumps over the green guy he stops. You might wanna keep moving him 2 pixels each frame even though it's co, to eliminate that.

    The smoke looked okay. It could probably be improved.


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