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    TTP/Hammar Anims - leave a comment!

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    the leader of the collab seemed dead and didnt even post my name there so yea

    Acrobat Collab
    Collab failed so I post[/spoiler:2s3541ol]

    Random Shiat
    I like this, but I rushed at the end I didn't know what to do anymore.... Might remake the ending someday.[/spoiler:2s3541ol]

    Run Buildup
    Nothing much to comment here, was just practicing something I wanted smooth, not sure if I achieved that, looks kinda choppy.[/spoiler:2s3541ol]

    Rust Breaker
    Didnt animate 1 year so this served as a comeback.[/spoiler:2s3541ol]

    This was made for pivotbrasil's best sequence execution ( punch, punch, kick, throw, fatality), I like it, the only problem I see is at the end he suddenly stops to cast that laser, with that speed he should have fell or something.[/spoiler:2s3541ol]

    2 Kicks
    I like this one, I barely gave it any editing I was just gonna scrap after animating but turned out I really liked it.. Problem here is the arm right after he kicks I think, it goes up outta nowhere :O.[/spoiler:2s3541ol]
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    Re: TTP/Hammar Anims - leave a comment!

    lol I know its your style, but its so fast its hard to see whats going on! From what i can see it looks smooth. I would say high beginner. To make it better trying doing more with multiple stickmen and add in effects and stuff.


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    Re: TTP/Hammar Anims - leave a comment!

    I loooove your style, it's so fast!
    Please continue animating, i want to see you in Intermediate Hall!


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