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Thread: not in use

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    hrrmmmm....... lemme think about it

    not in use

    )not in use
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    Upload them to http://www.imageshack.us, and post the "direct link to image" here. wink*)
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    up your....finger
    save the piv as a gif, do you know how to? 9if you dont you go to save as, then underneath where you type what you wanna call it it should say like piv file (piv) or something. click on the dropdown arrow and click gif.
    then once youve saved it go to http://www.imageshack.us like the guy said, then click browse, select your gif and click upload. then in should have a load of lines with weird links. go to the bottom where it says direct link, copy that and paste it here!
    by the way this only took me about 1 minute to type so its not like i went through alot to type this. ))(*


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