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    some of the animations on my hard drive

    These are the first five ones I'm posting. Some of them were made in pivot 2,2,1, but the last three were made in pivot 3.

    first off, the skateboarder:

    next, a fencing scene:

    okay, now into the more recent ones.

    here's a rather fun one-I think it's currently my favorite:

    and finally, my most ambitious project yet, a large fight scene!

    (It hasn't survived the conversion to .gif very well, sorry!)

    I know they're not very good, but there you have it!
    please comment and critisize,
    the newest newb!

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    In your computer, looking at your emails. Yes, those emails.

    Re: some of the animations on my hard drive

    Its good you put a lot of effort into those anims. But that doesn't change the fact that it was REALLY choppy. Work on your easing and check out this tutorial. Keep working on it


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