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Thread: Raxx Animations

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    Newbie Raxx's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    In front of a laptop

    Raxx Animations

    [center:3ur7yzxf]Raxx's Thread


    [spoiler:3ur7yzxf][/spoiler:3ur7yzxf][spoiler:3ur7yzxf]Combo (needs easing)[/spoiler:3ur7yzxf][/center:3ur7yzxf]

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    Junior Member uberpivotnewb's Avatar
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    Aug 2011

    Re: Hi I'm new

    yo i suck at pivot so i dont see "lots" wrong but there are a few simple things you could work on the first thing i noticed is his back arm the arm farther 2 the right by the end of the animation when it comes down dont make it go from angled 2 completely straight quite as quick ease it a tiny bit just if you ease it too much it will be 2 slow so just make it take a very short time longer for his back arm 2 go down emphasis on "very" lol i dnt wanna give you advice then you try the advice and it makes it work so im just trying 2 be clear make it take more time to go dwn but barely any difference k?

    btw since im new 2 could you check out my thread thanks


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