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Thread: What's my rank?

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    What's my rank?

    This is part one and two of my "finish him!" series. part two is below and please rank me! Oh and by the way scroll down to watch each of these [attachment=1:mkes74vd]Finish him 1.gif[/attachment:mkes74vd]

    Part two is in the spoiler and its better than the first. [spoiler:mkes74vd][attachment=0:mkes74vd]Finish Him 2.gif[/attachment:mkes74vd][/spoiler:mkes74vd]

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    Re: What's my rank?

    Well, it's not bad.. But.. very short.. and that could kill someone in real life, but this is Pivot.. They can jump off of a building and get back up.

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    Re: What's my rank?

    Good but not that smooth.


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