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    There and back again.

    I've animated a long time ago, but I lost interest and gave up. Recently I dug up some older ddcollabs and got some inspiration, and have now returned. Before you post: I already read almost every tutorial on the master list, so please don't post saying read Darrens tut, or no courtesy for you.

    RUN: (some shakiness but otherwise I think it's pretty good.)

    WALK: (not a fan, I need to work on it.)

    RUN AND PUNCH: (I was just messing around with a new run style, and decided to mess around with fake 3D so I threw in a turn and punch)

    KUNG FU READY: (a simple concept, but easily my favorite)

    I will give courtesy for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. No douchery or just compliments or you will look like a fool in front of everyone.

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    Re: There and back again.

    I reckon you have a very basic style of animating. I'd say Low-Med Beginner for your current animating skill.
    Let me motivate it.

    The run test implies some small shakyness on the back leg if you take a closer look. Also make the head fluid and bob more when the legs touch the ground. The arms could also use some more flowing and easing. Also watch the movements of the head, they look choppy and uneased.

    Walk: Again, the head is really stiff and choppy. The legs stretch too little, try stretching them more and ease them. The arms also look a little stiff, because of the elbow not moving.

    Run and punch: The run at the beginning is really lacking flow ( aka stop and go-ish ). Instead of easing the origin like this: .-.--.---.----.--.-. , try keeping it at a constand speed to avoid lack of flow.
    The punch at the ending is really bad executed. The back arm should be more fluid, while the front arm shouldn't be stretched behind the head. Unite the elbow with the shoulder to give it the illusion of a 3D.

    Kung Fu Ready: The easing overall is really good, but the head is, again, really stiff, as well as the back joints.
    One thing that really bothers me is the kicking leg. It's way too straight and synched with the front arm. Add a little bit of variety, like moving the arms first, then the legs.



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