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Thread: Megatwelve1212

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    My animations:



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    Re: Megatwelve1212

    umm im a low beginner A.K.A the rank you start at and i dont kno what to say xcept work on movement effects realism...movements easing movements yea are those yer 1st animations and how long have you been animating? if those are yer first ive seen worse if their yer first id give those 7/10
    if youve been animating like a month or more 3/10 im not awesome but i think if you have some time you should check out my animations anyway im not being a hater if yer just starting off yer on the right track

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    Re: Megatwelve1212

    you've got a ways to go to become an elite, and the journey is a long one. spend sometime just learning how to piece together decent animations at the default frame rate, then read some tutorials and delve into more advance concepts like easing and reactions and realism/fluidity of movement. you'll be great in no time if you're willing to put in some effort.

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    Re: Megatwelve1212

    That's a bump, Megatwelve1212 pm a staff member when you want your Thread back.


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