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Thread: Desconhecido.

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    [center:366nv3hi]Arm Combo:

    Kick Test:

    I'm Brazilian.
    Greetings from Brazil

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    Re: Desconhecido.

    Hey man, i liked that both anims, the first one is good but it looks somehow some common, but it's still cool, the second one is great imo, i liked the movements, good easing too, and that little dust effect made with simple circles :0 you're pretty good bud, idk, maybe High Beg D: i'm not good with ranks but oh well, i know you are going to be great (Y)

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    Re: Desconhecido.

    Greetings from America, your animations are very smooth and you have a metric shit ton of potential. Some basic movements need some work but other than that I cant really find anything else that needs critism.

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    Re: Desconhecido.

    Hello, greetings from Romania.
    The animations are quite good, but at points they lack flowing and/or are slightly heavy-spaced.
    Your arm combo was quite pleasant and fun to watch, the foot placement was good and so were the movements of the arms. However I spotted some stiffness on the black stickman's reactions. Is it supposed to be like that, or you couldn't simply keep up with it?
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