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    I could ask you the same question!

    MR happy VS little kid

    sorry that there is no ground.......

    Also, the happy guy didnt have enough joints so i couldnt move him much when i hit him

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    Thank you Camel

    Re: CLICK HERE TO WIN $100000000!!

    Dude you really should calm down, you just start four days ago and create useless topics, break the rules etc.
    Everyone starts bad at animating, but you have to work on your own and start to gain respect and comments on your thread. Things written in Caps Lock really annoy and "CLICK HERE TO WIN $100000000!!" doesn't work, actually it makes you sound like a noob and no one will feel like comment here.
    So calm down and do your stuff, if you really need comments, do Construtive Criticism in other animators topics, look at the post dates before post something, and don't spam the peoples thread for Courtesy.

    Read this for know how Courtesy works

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    Re: MR happy VS little kid


    Keep all your animations in that thread.


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