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    Constructive Criticism Please?

    Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm RegalDEagle, a newbie to both Pivot, and here at Dark Demon. I'd like you good people to judge my animations, and maybe even give me some constructive criticism. I apologize ahead of time, I know that they're VERY choppy and stiff.

    Sword Swishy Swishy

    Stab Stabby

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    Re: Constructive Criticism Please?

    since yer new 2 pivot thats a good start keep at it once you get better you suld edit the stab thing that culd b a pretty sik animation also when you copy and paste the yourimg url things highligh the whole thing then look up and theres a thing that says Img then click that so ppl dont have 2 click anything just try it also work on easing and stiffness but i guess i dnt have 2 say that since you even said you know that its choppy and stiff also foot placement not quite as important as flow and easing but still its in there and you prob stoppd reading a while ago

    incase yer confused itd b like this

    see i just put the img things on either side Note i used your animation for it



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