This Is My Oldest One But I Still get Inspired by it From Time To Time.

A More Recent Animation I was working on And I Might Not Finish.

This is a couple months back, I just realized how to Ez back then cause of this other animator.

Another Recent Animation over a Story I did which explains the text. For some reason I dont think it's My Best.

This is From A Story I Promised on Youtube but i keep losing motivation, its finish though. But only 1 episode and this didnt evne start out as a story lmao, It still came out nice imo.

This is A pivot War With The 1 reeper, I made it very short D:.

What Im currently Working On. If It is Choppy its because i had repeat on most of frames to set the tone and mood for the animation. I hope this comes out Sweet XD.

Please Comment And Rate and tell me what i need to do to make my animations Better Please.