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    Small Combo Fight (Rank me)

    This is another animation i made to show off my skills, still stiff but okay i proberablyget med beg or low beg... comment in the comment section


    Peace out

    Its a nice combo

    do not like say
    "ohh thats Bla bla bla's animation!!! cause there both mine!! i just know what to do oh and mind the 1st animation was just a quick 5min one.. dont rank that one

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    Re: Small Combo Fight (Rank me)

    Dude I think you are Low-beg you need to work on your stiffness and easing.

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    Re: Small Combo Fight (Rank me)

    The Combo Fight: Very uneased and shaky. Even though your stickman don't have feet, you need to work on foot/limb placement? Whenever moving a stickman, you've got to keep the feet still unless he/she is walking/running... Etc.

    The legs on both figures shake a heck of a lot and it's not smooth. Try adding more frames to improve the amount of easing on each joint. To do this, look at a realistic movement and try to immitate it. To gain more power for a punch/kick, the body may bend back to gain more force behind the move and may suffer a recovery time if the punch is a whiff.

    Likewise with the arms, the arms sometimes bend into places were the bones would break. try looking at realistic movements and immitate them.

    Bottom line, i'd say Low-Beg due to the lack of easing. Try looking at Darren's tut.

    Courtesy? (Comment on my thread please)


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