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    Systemnines Animations

    [center:2ah9fdcr]Working on a design for this thread, as well as a couple of animations for you guys to criticize.[/center:2ah9fdcr]

    For now however, heres some walking test i've done recently.

    ALL CRITICISM WELCOME.[/center:2ah9fdcr]

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    Thank you Camel

    Re: Systemnines Animations

    When you post your others animations I'll try come here and give you some decent CC.

    What I can point in the walk animation is the inconsistent spacing, foot placement and flow.
    To make a good spacing you'll need patience because you must have the basic clear in your head, do alot of movements and you'll start to understand it gradually, pay attention to two things mainly, poses and easing.
    Easing = acceleration, you can practice it with a ball, make it go to one side to other. You never should make a easing like that:

    l = Frames
    - = Pixel moved

    Wrong Way

    Correct Way
    l-l--l---l--l-l This is a generic spacing, you can do it in different ways but never make it slow and speed randomly.

    And poses is really hard, because sometimes you'll have to do 3D for a better pose. For it just animate and the things will come naturally. But you have to push yourself.
    Practice is the key.

    This pack have my animations, it will help in somehow.
    In my walk I use 6/7 pixels, and they look good.
    Welcome to DD and good luck


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