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Thread: good?

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    what rank am I?
    i...have no idea.

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    Re: good?

    sry but low-med begginer u seem to no the basic flow and easing but the movements are unrealistic, try to move all joints every frame

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    Re: good?

    It was well done but you should move all the joints every frame.
    The run was really good though.
    My eyebrows hurt

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    Thank you Camel

    Re: good?

    Pretty good man, the legs while he is running flow well and the arms is a bit stiff but good as well.
    You just need apply less easing in the run to show more speed.
    Its impressive see a new animator caring about foot placement, its short but you did it well. Keep doing it because if you see some animation around the forum you'll see great animators that don't give a shit for foot placement.
    And the movements of the second stk are stiff, thats because you moved wrong the legs and the arms. The easing in the leg is inconsistent, you should start it in one speed and decrease from there.

    Overall good job man, I don't know how long you're animating but you're in a good way.
    Good luck

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    Re: good?

    Congratz Med-Beg dude But the movements were not realistic.
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