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    First posted Animation

    http://yourimg.in/m/ubcyw31.gif I know its not very good

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    Re: First posted Animation

    its a rlly good first anim. lets see how u can improve it...

    kk first of all, make sure u dont hav three ppl not moving at all in the beginning, it looks kinda stiff. also, try and move every joint, every frame to avoid stiffness. i would suggest starting with simplier anims, such as basic running, walking and combat moves, to practice ur skills before animating complicated fights.

    anyways, i definetly think u should keep animating, and i look forward to seeing mor from u.

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    Re: First posted Animation

    I agree with clone, you should try to work on stiffness. Also, practice a little flow, but overall, it is pretty good.
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    Re: First posted Animation

    Dude, if this is your first pivot animation in general, you are doing a great job. First of all, you should check out the pivot tutorial provided to you on the forum.

    I would tell you to make sure never to go two frames without moving pretty much every joint. It makes things looks a lot more flowing.

    Also, work on easing. It's what makes joints look like they are actually human.

    This is what I mean:

    I---I---I---I---I---I <--- Not easing.
    I-I--I---I----I---I--I-I <--- Easing.

    Keep working at it man, you're doing fine!

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    Re: First posted Animation

    As Bulldog said, if that's your first ever animation then you're off to a better start than pretty much anyone here :P

    The 2 biggest concerns for any beginner are Stiffness and Easing. Bulldog explained easing, so I won't go into much detail.

    Stiffness is when you don't move parts of a stickfigure that should be moved, making them appear "stiff". To battle this, make sure you move almost every joint in every frame. The most important to pay attention to is the back/spine, as the back bends in almost every movement you make. Now, I don't mean BEND THE BACK AT 90 DEGREES CUZ HE'S RUNNING LOL, I mean bend it accordingly. Even the slightest movements/bends make a huuuge difference.

    With that said, keep on animating so everyone can critique you more. That's how you get better, after all :P

    Also, check out the tutorial section of DD. People around here can be damn helpful.
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    Re: First posted Animation

    wow ur first is a great though still what they said is still kinda the same thing i was gonna say lollololoololo anyway wat u need to work a little about flow,easing(also mentioned) so wat im gonna ask you is to see this tut :P THIS! IS ONE GREAT TUT READ IT ! I MEAN IT lol viewtopic.php?f=36&t=86169 and that
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