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Thread: Rank Me :D

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    Rank Me :D

    Hi I am The Gooson and this is my thread i'm new here feel free to rank me in the comments below.

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    Re: The Gooson's Thread

    nice for starting, but you are a low beginner. sorry 4 bumping. :-)
    Come see My youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/SticksNGuns

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    Re: Rank Me :D

    You have to learn the basics. Go to Darren's tutorial and you will learn how to animate like an intermediate. The ideas are already good. You just have to get the basics.
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    Re: Rank Me :D

    Okay dude, i have to rank you low beginner but you need to learn the basics like, easing, flow, physics, etc, etc... but id go to darren's tutorial to learn those things. Also for a tip try and move every single joint (those dots you see on the stickman) in every single frame so just practice, practice, practice! oh and did i mention practice? Oh and here's darren's pivot tutorial:

    Darren's Tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=22662
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    Re: Rank Me :D

    even my first animation was better than yours lol before even posting on darkdemon make a thread and ask for help like us were pieces of help?? now just looking at your animations in two seconds i know straight away its low beg dude... okay heres your problem

    About tons of stiffness i saw in the two animations you had there

    WHAT THE HELL??? WHERE IS THE EASING!!! THERE IS ABSOULUTELY NO EASING?? (visit) Oblivionfall's Easing Tutorial on youtube just type in youtube "Oblivionfall's Easing Tut part 2" You Should learn this and also easing is the 3rd most important in your animation

    Well theres no easing that means lots of shakeyness and makes the animation really really bad!!!

    Okay to solve this you must look at these
    Pivot Tutorials and at the top you'll find "Darrens Pivot Tutorial" Just click it and you should have Stiffness And Shakey Done!"
    Go onto youtube and type "Oblivionfall's Easing Tut" You should get help from the tutorial

    other besides that i think is "Low Begginer"
    im mr courtsey lol tellin everyone what 2 do


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