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Thread: Crow's Thread~

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    Re: Crow's Thread~

    Your effects and movements are really good, but I see a problem in your flow.Try to smooth your movements out a little more, and fix the stop and go movements. Other than that you could get intermediate.

    Courtsey? (You comment on my thread saying what critism i need to improve on if you dont already know)
    Hi guys, I'm back again, check below for my thread

    Mattman=Thunder Clunt

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    Re: Crow's Thread~

    Yep. He's right^ Hello there, right c:
    Your problem is flow. Although your movements are really smooth and your really good at effects!
    And i suck at 'em :I
    Wanna give Courtesy? Please?
    [only 2 anims]

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    Re: Crow's Thread~

    Things I liked:
    They were very well done and added alot more motive to watch your animations.
    You seem to have good ideas, you just need to extend them and make a longer animation.

    Work on:
    You have alot of it in your backs, this can make or break an animation. Make sure to move EVERY joint in EVERY frame. This will definitely cut that down.
    Your animations seem pretty cookie cutter. They stop then go, like you are just coming up with this as you go. You can cut this by simply thinking of exactly what you want to accomplish before you animate.
    -Odd Poses
    I don't know what it is, but alot of your poses just seem... odd to me. They look very unrealistic. Try to think of what you'd do in real life, maybe even get up and act it out.

    Your good, so work at it.

    Also, can I get a DL of your base? Pleaase.


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