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Thread: My thread guys!

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    My thread guys!

    [center:3ehbwkl1]. :wellcome: .


    Orange, the killer prévia


    . :naruto fight: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/u698dg7.gif ~^

    . :street fighter: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/2zk943g.gif ~^

    . :goku vs majin buu: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/fbozn5k.gif ~^

    . :Trunks V.S. Goten: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/e83882f.gif ~^

    . :kratos ghost of sparta: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/ei0rnt7.gif ~^

    . :W.A.R.: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/le94g08.gif ~^

    . :missao OTP- salvando a biblioteca: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/5780817.gif ~^

    . :gears of war: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/8f3e707.gif ~^

    . :scorpion: .
    ^~ http://yourimg.in/m/06tk916.gif ~^


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    Re: My thread guys!

    I'd say this is High Beginner you look stiff or I have no idea what it is.
    Either way looking good.

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    Re: My thread guys!

    Thank you. I'm practicing to improve in some hard moves.

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    Thank you Camel

    Re: My thread guys!

    You're good, I would say med to high beg, there is some flow and good spacing but is stiff.
    Try make the movements no too stop and go, like "put the hand on sowrd *time*, bring it to front *time*, kill someone *time*". Next time make the stick getting a dynamic pose of battle or just taking the sword and doing slight movements just to remove that stiff/stop and go look.
    I know that is hard do good reactions and making the stk die decently but you should try not remove his bones when he die because it was really bad :/
    But no need hurry, I tried point some aspects to you think about and gradually improve them, is not something that you have to do right now, keep practicing calmly.
    Hope it help you somehow, good luck


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