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Thread: Fizzt's Thread

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    Fizzt's Thread

    [center:2m6vzusx]Hey. I'm from PA and I decieded that I'd join for more/better CC. I've been a member of DD for a long time but I've never better very active, but we'll see if I can stay it this time around/

    Please try to avert from swearing too much.
    I will give courtsey but only if I get a good comment.
    If I leave a good comment and I ask for courtsy I expect it returned.
    No spamming.
    No getting off-topic. That can happen on msn.
    No abuse towards other members unless they really deserve it.

    This is my latest, only a short combo. I know it's short but I thought the movements were med beginner?

    Short Combo
    -Only a short combo. I know it's short but I thought the movements were med beginner?
    Credits : DW and V3nganc3
    Gif | Piv

    I don't even know
    -The name pretty much says it all.
    Credits : Rey and A CB Production
    Gif | Piv

    Tremor Test (for a small thing on PA)
    -It was a very quick test to see if the use was effective.
    Credits : Rey
    Gif | Piv

    Rust Breaking
    -Just breaking the heavy rust.
    Credits : Kirika and Rey
    Gif | Piv

    -a nice skating animation I hope I'm getting med beginner?
    Credits : Smashdood and Rey
    Gif | Piv

    Motion Test
    -It was a run that progressed into a nice little animation.
    Credits : Jon, DW Oblivion Fall and Hun7er
    Gif | Piv

    Small Fight Scene
    -Just a small fight scene. I think it may be low/med beginner?
    Credits : Doctor Whippy for both bases.
    Gif | Piv


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    Re: Fizzt's Thread

    Hello Fizz. I can see you're going for the old-school style which I really love.
    Your newest animation shows really good understanding of basics, power and easing. Just work on your poses and flowing a bit and you'll reach higher ranks than you'd ever thought.

    Med-High Beginner.


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