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Thread: 3D views

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    3D views

    Just an idea of a 3D zombie/infection animation PART 1 of 10 shorts in the making.
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    Re: 3D views

    When you've made a new animation, do not make a new thread. What you do is the following...
    Quote Originally Posted by Plan B
    -Host your new animation, and copy the URL.

    -Go into your thread

    -On the first page, and the first post with the animations you'll notice in the bottom right corner there is an edit button, click it.

    -You'll then see your thread with all the coding. Simply paste the URL of the newly hosted animation at the top of the thread ( Or the bottom ). And put the appopriate BBcoding around the url, like you did before. Then scroll down and click submit.

    Now your animation has been edited in on the front page. However your thread is probably not at the top so no one will see your thread.

    To get it at the top of the list, click "Post Reply" Then make a short comment, such as update, then the link to your animation and possibly adding a lil description about it. Then submit. Your thread will now be at the top. You can bump your thread at any time but you must be updating with a new animation.


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