First Animation since a while :|[spoiler:3q84l4jc][/spoiler:3q84l4jc] My First Good Walk/Run

Firearms Demo [spoiler:3q84l4jc][/spoiler:3q84l4jc]

Pawnch [spoiler:3q84l4jc][/spoiler:3q84l4jc]

2 Hit Combo Test [spoiler:3q84l4jc][/spoiler:3q84l4jc]

Ease [spoiler:3q84l4jc][/spoiler:3q84l4jc]

DBZ 2 Hit Combo + Beam And Trans [spoiler:3q84l4jc]Erm those lines on the beam are supposed to be trans but in the gif they seem to of enlargned them selves[/spoiler:3q84l4jc]
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