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Thread: running

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    Re: running

    Not bad for the first animation you have posted here. I want you to take a look at the head in the run. See how it is moving back and forward in a jerky, snapping sort of motion? If you are going to make a run loop, you want to try and make it flow from the end of the animation back to the start. The legs weren't too bad, except if you were trying to make the run as realistic as possible, they wouldn't hang in the air for as long. The arms are probably the best part of the run, but they could still use work, they look like they are a little bit stiff. Try and work on the easing of every single joint in your animations, it will make them look smoother and a lot more realistic. Also try moving the origin (the orange dot in the middle off the stick figure), up and down, particular when the runner "takes off" so to speak, he would rise, ease it up and then ease it down as he lands. this will make the run look a lot more realistic. It doesn't have to move a lot, just a few points up, then ease, then ease a few points back down.

    I hope this helps

    edit: also, over here in DD, we tend to post all our animations in the one thread, and just update the first post, then post a new comment saying you have updated. Have a look at this thread by Lympha viewtopic.php?f=2&t=83874 see how his is nicely set out with all his animations? that's what you should do for your thread.

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    Re: running

    Keep your animations in one thread.


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