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    Apr 2012

    RudiL94's Thread. I'm new... Rate me? :)

    This is my thread.

    [attachment=0:k3mp0fmm]Fight 1 extended unfinnished.gif[/attachment:k3mp0fmm]
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    Jan 2012

    Re: RudiL94's Thread. I'm new... Rate me? :)

    looks really fast you must easy a bit more in the middle and you have a bit of stiffness easying helps look at some tutorials that will help MID-BEGINNER keep it up
    and finish that animation

    courtesy ???

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    Feb 2011

    Re: RudiL94's Thread. I'm new... Rate me? :)

    The blood effects are good and the easing is well done too. There is some stiffness, but it isn't very noticeable.
    The first stickman that receives a punch falls a little unrealistic. But the rest of animation is really good!

    ECCO-SM mentioned your animation is too fast, but for me it is in the right speed


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