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Thread: My 1st uptade

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    My 1st uptade

    That's my 1st uptade:http://i.imgur.com/59kgA.gif but is written on the animations somethings in portuguese

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    Re: My 1st uptade

    Moved to Beginners Hall.

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    Re: My 1st uptade

    welcome to darkdemon.org have you read the rules if not please do
    Your low beg obviously and your a new recruit here at darkdemon your ranked as normally a pivot noob and also dont take advice from youtube people I can tell from the 3d kick its the same method on youtube

    Okay heres some advice
    Poses. your poses are terrible and basically you need to put more effort into them how? you ask
    well lets say you have a punch.. you need a relaxed muscle pose of course some good ones for instance like this! its relaxed and ready for a punch you wouldnt wanna animate a walking pose to a punch it will look terrible! and ugly! think you what you would look like in a punch in real life anyway heres a good pose

    You need to ease your animations basically the speed of the animation
    l = frame
    - = pixel
    for example theres a frame you just made and you need to move your joints one pixel forward for example you seen l-l then you move the arm for example one pixel forward... then l---l then move 3 pixels look at easing on darkdemon and you'll get it

    Flat Easing

    Sigma Easing

    Heavy Spacing


    Flow... apply 3d to get smoothness into your animations it means to get the (red dot) to make a curve throughout your frames like a arrow curve but to make it must easier theres a secret way to figure this out... instead of making a curve on EACH joint try 3d i suggest downloading glass2k to make the create figure type thingy transparent and to be able to see what to move when applying 3d!

    Part 5

    physics.. ahh im too lazy just look in the tut section dont bother looking at 2005-2008

    well thats alot covered up!!!!

    also you need better stks navvvigatttee!!! to....
    BAMM!!!! this thread people post bases here for people to download...

    see you next time and i hope you get better xd

    oh yeah!! foot placement dont leave that out

    since this is getting to long here is obliv's tut on poses and foot placement here



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