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    This is where i do animatering

    hay der, i'm a beginner at this, so the highest amount of constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: This is where i do animatering

    dont take advice from old 2008-2009 youtube videos I can tell you copied the combo from silentraj he's really terrible at animation but noobs think he is the best pivot animator in the world and he's not a single centimetre

    Your animations are really stiff for starters and your effects are really bad download better stk's here off darkdemon dont get garbage from droidz!

    to get rid of stiffness you need to move each red dot on your stickman each frame you also need to ease your animations

    further or do just look at darren's and oblivion's tutorial's there the only useful ones dont look at 2005-2008 except for darren's also to learn running check crono's running tutorial out

    anyway why havent I said this yet

    Welcome to darkdemon
    Low beg for you

    this is the kind of thing we would think is good today not garbage from silentraj

    Credits to Kellawgs!

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    Re: This is where i do animatering

    Quote Originally Posted by moderndwalfare
    dont take advice from old 2008-2009 youtube videos
    Some of them can be really usefull, but your right most of the 'best animators on youtube' are low beginners

    download better stk's here off darkdemon dont get garbage from droidz!
    Droidz.org has good sticks 3/4 of the time, and its effects and sticks are very usefull when you are first starting out

    further or do just look at darren's and oblivion's tutorial's there the only useful ones
    This is really untrue, there are lots and lots of good and useful tutorials for many different subjects e.g shooting, running, effects etc
    there is also a tutorial section on droidz.org that has some really good tutorials for many different things
    One last thing, hes a low beginner, he has the right to use tutorials that aren't made by an elite or an intermediate, just because they were made by a low-medium beginner doesn't say that he shouldn't use them.
    Such as silentraj's tutorial can help with spin kicks and punches, on a basic level but it still helps.
    If a tutorial is made by a beginner it doesn't render it completely fucking useless.

    Your animations are alright, like moderndwarfare said you are a low beginner but they are ways to improve that.
    With your fighting animation there is a lot of stiffness and shakyness. To fix that you try to move every joint in every frame. Also fix the footplacement in this animation, that means that you try one to move the foot around when you are walking/moving.
    One last thing is that you should try to get a blood pack off droidz, not just use random blood splatters here and there.

    With the gun animation there is a bit of spazzyness with the head, and the figure is very stiff, like the first animation. It is also quite under eased, that means you haven't eased enough. Easing is where you slowly move a joint and then make the movements bigger and bigger in the middle of the movement and slower and slower at the end. In a basic term I mean this: ||-|--|----|-----|----|--|-||
    One other thing with the gun is that there is not much recoil, I'm no gun expert but I think there should be a little more recoil with this gun at least.
    Lastly the effects aren't that good, but that doesn't matter much, its more important that you get your stick figure movements down before you try any real effects. But the effects are very basic in this animation, the main problem with the blood is that it dissapears too fast, it goes from being a thick like to magically dissapearing.

    Overall you are low beginner, but you just have to practice and you will get better.
    If you need any help or you need me to explain things a bit more just send me a message and I'll try to help as much as I can.


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